Photography Friday

This week I’m still going through the many pictures I took during my lab social events last week. These ones were all taken at Taughannock Falls where we all had a wonderful time grilling out, relaxing by the lake, and going on a brief hike up to the falls. I was very excited about the snake picture, since I’m rarely somewhere that I get to see snakes. It makes me think I should really get out to the many nearby parks more often so I might stumble on some more wildlife photography opportunities.

Snapshot Saturday


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12 responses to “Photography Friday

  1. Fantastic pictures: particularly the snake. So great that you caught him in that shot.

  2. mdott922

    Great pictures!

  3. I like the waterfall. Not too fond of snakes. 🙂

    THANKS for sharing,

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Saturday Snapshot

  4. Although I don’t care for snakes, this is a terrific photo. Here’s Mine

  5. Nice place, those falls! I would have skipped out on that snake though! Cool that you got it coming at you and not slithering away.

    • They were beautiful and it was nice and cool down by the water. Fortunately the snake was sitting still or, even though I like snakes, I think I’d have gotten out of the way!

  6. I love how close-up the snake picture looks and how you can see his eyes! 🙂

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

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