MWF Seeking BFF

11104030Title: MWF Seeking BFF
Author: Rachel Bertsche
Source: library
Rating: ★★★★☆
Fun Fact: Being part of a group that meets just once a month will give you the same happiness boost as doubling your salary.
Review Summary: This book was just a conglomeration of all the things I like – humorous working woman’s stunt memoir including fascinating research and personal anecdotes.

After moving to Chicago to be with her boyfriend, Rachel Bertsche found herself missing the close friendships she’d had in NYC. She bravely and ambitiously decides to take things into her own hands and invite other women to go on 52 friends dates during the 52 weeks of the coming year.

As you may have noticed, I almost always enjoy humorous memoirs, stunt memoirs, and memoirs by working women. Since MWF Seeking BFF is all three, it was a book I knew I had to read. Luckily for me, it turned out to be just as good as I expected! The author’s writing style was very funny and down-to-earth. Her stories were very relatable. The number of girls Rachel met meant that names quickly became jumbled together for me. I was about to just give up on remembering who was who when I noticed… there’s a friend glossary in the back! Brilliant.

It made me happy that a book on this topic even exists. I feel like it’s almost a secret that grown-ups keep that it’s so much harder to find friends when you’re out of college and not living near tons of people your age. Getting some advice on how to deal with this was spectacular. Not only did the book include some great advice, it included both research to back it up and many personal anecdotes to keep it interesting.  I would recommend this to any young women just finishing college or starting out in a new place. The author is so personable and told such relatable stories, you’ll feel less alone just reading it and on top of that, I think the author’s advice could be truly helpful.



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10 responses to “MWF Seeking BFF

  1. This book had caught my eye once or twice before but I didn’t realise that it is a MEMOIR – that changes everything! I’ll be looking it up now.

  2. I bought this book right when it came out… and then never read it! Clearly I should make it a priority, since I love all those kinds of memoirs too.

  3. I feel like a need to rear this. I moved to the UK almost 2 years ago and was worried about making friends. Luckily I moved into an extraordinarily friendly neighborhood, but it was still a worry.

    • It’s wonderful you moved to a friendly neighborhood! I’ve been living in apartments during grad school and I don’t feel like anyone is interested in getting to know their neighbors. This book does still have some creative ideas for making friends which you might want to try and even if you need none of the advice, I think it would still be an enjoyable read 🙂

  4. It’s easy to make friends when you have kids but once they’re grown, it’s harder. Kudos to Bertsche for making such an effort.

    • Interesting! As someone who doesn’t have kids, I hadn’t thought about how that might affect people’s ability to find friends. I can see where it would help, since it brings a bunch of parents together for their kids activities 🙂

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