NPR’s Top 100 Teen Books

This post is brought to you by Alison at The Cheap Reader and it’s also the first post I’ve re-blogged, so please bear with me if there are any kinks in the process. I like book lists so I thought this was a really fun question! I’ve read 33 books and/or completed the series. I’ve read at least one book in 6 of the series on the list. And I’d like to read pretty much all the rest 🙂 Thanks for the fun question Alison!


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4 responses to “NPR’s Top 100 Teen Books

  1. Not bad Katie! Looks like we both have a lot of reading ahead for us. 🙂 If you want more suggestions, check out the list of finalists:

  2. Terri Wilkins

    I have you beat. I have read 37 books and/or completed the series. But I have never finished the Harry Potter series!

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