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Bitty Bookends

Sometimes, all that needs to be said about a book can be summed up by a brief comparison to earlier books in the series. These are that sort of review.

Title: Rebel Angels
Author: Libba Bray
Sequel To: A Great and Terrible Beauty
Source: library
Rating: ★★★☆☆

As in the first book, I loved the strong heroine. She’s reserved but strong-willed and the exciting but not over-the-top narration is perfect for her character. The beginning of the book dragged a little more than the first one, although I’m not sure if it was really slower or if I was just impatient to get to the awesome I knew was ahead.  I liked that more of the world (both supernatural and real) was revealed as the book progressed. However, the author’s habit of having people speak cryptically when clearer speech would have given them time to explain everything up became frustrating. This book also fell a little more into the typical YA plot device of characters causing their own problems through stupid decisions. That said, it was still a fun read with a supernatural realm nicely complementing the Victorian era setting. Continue reading

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Bookends About Glitch

Title: Glitch
Author: Heather Anastasiu
Source: library
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Review Summary: Very cool idea for a world, but the plot is a little too YA cliche for me to really love it.

In this dystopian novel, humanity has given up the ability to feel emotion or think for themselves. Instead, they are all connected to a network which regulates their activities and decides when they should be deactivated. However, many young adults are beginning to “glitch”, suddenly experiencing emotion and also displaying strange new mental powers. As Zoe struggles to hide her glitches and control her erratic telekinetic powers, she also has to deal with feeling emotion for her family and for boys for the first time. Continue reading

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NPR’s Top 100 Teen Books

This post is brought to you by Alison at The Cheap Reader and it’s also the first post I’ve re-blogged, so please bear with me if there are any kinks in the process. I like book lists so I thought this was a really fun question! I’ve read 33 books and/or completed the series. I’ve read at least one book in 6 of the series on the list. And I’d like to read pretty much all the rest 🙂 Thanks for the fun question Alison!


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Meg Cabot – Book Signing Scoop and Mini-Reviews

 Last night, I went to see Meg Cabot – my first book signing –  and she was awesome!  She seemed really nice and down-to-earth and was actually as funny in person as she is in her books.  Perhaps even funnier, which is impressive.  We started with her giving a brief talk about her life and how she got into writing and then had a question and answer session. Then we all got to stand in line for over an hour to get our books signed.  Definitely not the most fun part of the night, but worth it! Plus it was so much fun seeing everyone from elementary school girls to women twice my age standing in line, all holding their favorite Meg Cabot books and all excited to meet her. That’s me on the right, enjoying my quick minute talking to Meg 🙂

I’ve already reviewed Abandon, the first book I got signed, so I’ll just be doing mini-reviews of the rest. And now on to the reviews…. Continue reading

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Dead Beautiful Giveaway – An Update

Ok people, we’ve had a breakthrough 🙂  While exploring the other tour host’s blogs, I discovered that Carrie over at Sweet Southern Home had the brilliant idea of creating a separate blogspot blog just for hosting her giveaways.  Such a brilliant idea in fact, that I have shamelessly stolen it, which means you may now only enter the giveaway via the convenient rafflecopter widget available here.  So just click right through and register for Doing Dewey’s first ever giveaway!

A screenshot of my sexy new widget – with one entry, because I had to make sure it worked!


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Bookends About Fire

Title: Fire
Author: Kristin Cashore
Source: library
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Series: Graceling|Fire (you are here)|Bitterblue
Review Summary: A little too similar to Graceling and not quite as good, but still an enjoyable read.

Although written second, Fire is actually a prequel to Graceling with only one character in common between the two books.  Like GracelingFire is the story of a young woman coming to terms with her own power, in this case the power to control the minds of others.  Known as “monsters” people with such powers are feared more than respected and Fire (our protagonist) has to decide whether she is willing to use her powers to help prevent the overthrow of the king by rebel lords. Continue reading


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