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The King of Clubs in Mini-reviews

This is a review of both my last book in last years book-to-movie challenge and my last book for reaching my goal of 150 books read this year! It was a short one, but it was all I could handle when Netflix got rid of the TV show for my original choice at the last minute (drat you Netflix and your evil, inventory changing ways, haha).

Book Review

This short story is classic Poirot and I could see it making a great introduction to Agatha’s quirky Belgian detective. The interaction between Poirot and his friend Hastings is particularly funny in this one, which starts with a fairly traditional beginning – detective observes high-profile news item, astutely predicts when a certain person will ask for his help, and then is asked as predicted. Although short enough to leave me wanting more, this did have all the things I like about Agatha Christie, including a surprising twist only Poirot can see and the use of little details plus an understanding of human nature to make some surprising deductions. While definitely not long enough for me to recommend if you’re looking for a cozy detective story to spend the afternoon with, it would be a great introduction to the genre.

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