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001 – The First Book!

One book down, only about 998 to go! ¬†Wrong – Why Experts Keep Failing Us And How To Know When Not To Trust Them was a really interesting a read, a good start to the project ūüôā ¬†What shocked me most in the book was the finding that 2 in 3 high-end research papers are later refuted by other papers! ¬†As someone who will probably cite other scientists work a lot and perhaps pursue time-consuming projects based on this work, I found this kind of terrifying. Continue reading

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Of UFO’s and Trivia

My first thought looking at this section was to wonder if I’d wandered into the fiction section by mistake! ¬†Who knew that tales of chasing Sasquatch and interviews with politicians about government contact with aliens were¬†categorized¬†under 001 in the Dewey Decimal system? ¬†This category also included some collections of interesting facts and other books pertaining to the categories official label, “Knowledge”. ¬†Strangest of all was a book about “the allies of humanity”, which you can view here. ¬†It looks incredibly bizarre, but I might have to add it to my reading list since I don’t want to judge it too harshly until I’ve given it a chance.

For now, I’ve decided on an interesting looking book entitled “Wrong” and subtitled “Why Experts* Keep Failing Us – And How to Know When Not to Trust Them”. ¬†As a hopeful¬†scientist-to-be, I think this could be ¬†really worthwhile read. ¬†I don’t know if I will agree with the criticisms in the book, but either way I’ll learn something! If not mistakes to be avoided than certainly something about public misconceptions about science. ¬†Starting out, I anticipate a little of both.

For those of you wondering what happened to 000: ¬†Having just finished my undergrad degree in computer science, I couldn’t bring myself to read more computer books for fun! ¬†So at least for the moment, I’m planning on skipping zero, but perhaps I’ll come back to it later.


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