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Almost Forgotten Four

Welcome to the new year everyone! I’m currently visiting my boyfriend in sunny Atlanta, so I’m mostly postponing my resolution setting to when I won’t be wasting precious time with him ūüôā ¬†However, I am planning on doing a 52 week photography project where I take a picture a week all year. ¬†To do that, I will be starting a new section on the blog, Photography Friday, where I will post each week’s picture. ¬†I will also be participating in the Cannonball Read challenge to read and review books ( blog available here). ¬†This will require me to do more detailed reviews than I’ve been doing so far. ¬†Feel free to share your own resolutions in the comments! Continue reading

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The Books Are Winning

Yesterday I was in the library for twenty minutes and left with 9 books. ¬†I even know how it happened. ¬†First, I was just going to pick up a book in the 003’s (Systems) and the 004’s (Data Processing and Computer Science), so I did – easily grabbing just the one book which stood out to me in each section. ¬†Then I thought, surely my blog readers would like to hear a little about why I picked the books I did and it should be easy enough to write about the very few other books available. Continue reading

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