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Photography Friday – Seattle Edition

As promised, this week I have a picture of the Seattle skyline, taken from Kerry Park.  The other pictures are a selection of my favorite pictures taken doing touristy things after the conference was over.  Both of the nature pictures are taken while hiking in Discovery Park and the flowers are for sale at the Pike Place open-air market.  I hope everyone has a great weekend 🙂


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Photography Friday

This week’s Photography Friday is brought to you by the awesome (and all-expenses paid – thank you Microsoft and Google!) conference for women in computing I attended this weekend.  It was a lot of fun and extremely helpful.  We had gorgeous weather the entire trip and so flying back I got this beautiful view of Mount Ranier.  Next week I’ll hopefully have some pretty pictures of the Seattle skyline prettied up to share too!

If you get a chance, I suspect my poll last week didn’t work via e-mail, so if you have an opinion about what decade in the Dewey Decimal system you would most like to hear about, please click through to my poll and vote 🙂  I will probably start reading from whatever decade is winning at the beginning of next week.

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