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Photography Friday

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Despite being spring break, this week has been quite busy!  Mostly I’ve been worrying about the news that the professor whose lab I want to join is moving to Cornell and I have to decide if I want to be in his lab badly enough to move to0.  I’m leaning toward yes, so this blog may soon be brought to you from Ithaca, NY.  How exciting!

The picture this week is a touch-up of a picture I took when visiting UC Riverside.  I cleaned up some of the obvious problems, like the picture being taken at an angle, but what I was really going for was a slightly Italian feel to the scene.  To achieve that, I darkened the tree at the back and added some yellow to the walls.  I feel like there’s still room for improvement to take it more in that direction though, so any suggestions would be welcome 🙂  Have a great weekend!

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