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Bookends About No Boyz Allowed

Title: No Boyz Allowed
Author: Ni-Ni Simone
Source: Goodreads giveaway
Rating: ★★★☆☆
Review Summary: Typical teenage drama with well-written but unfortunately boy-crazy characters and some PG-13 elements.

Would you pick up a book with a misspelling in the title? Even an intentional one? Usually I wouldn’t, but the cover blurb was written in the main character’s voice and it pulled me in at once. It sounded like a real girl talking and a strong-willed, witty girl at that. No Boyz Allowed is a pretty typical high school drama, focused on fitting in, making friends, and dating boys. It’s clearly intended for young women of color, starting with a really beautiful poem called “Brown Beauty”, but race isn’t a big part of the book and I think any teenage girl could relate.
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