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Monday Musings

This week the Monday Musings question from Should Be Reading is the following: What is the longest book you have ever read? How long did it take you to read it?

As soon as I read this question, I knew the answer had to be one of the Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan, which started out around 600 pages and crept up toward the 1000 page mark as the series progressed.  It turns out that the longest one so far and the longest book I’ve ever read is Lord of Chaos, the sixth book in the series, which weighs in at 1011 pages!  Back in the day, by which I mean during summers in high school, I could get through it in two or three days of solid reading.  Now, without such convenient breaks from life, it’s likely to take me 1-2 weeks.

What is your longest read so far and how long did it take you?

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