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Snapshot Saturday

Hi all and happy saturday! Today I’m happy to report that I did a lot of the things I wanted to do to work on improving my photography. I did a bit of reading in a book called The Essential Guide to Bird Photography. It suggested trying to focus on taking a bunch of pictures of one species, perhaps taking pictures of other birds as they showed up. It also suggested getting a longer lens, which I might do at some point. And it suggested that different birds might be better photographed at different times of the day depending on their coloration. Continue reading


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Photography Friday

I’ve recently joined the Cayuga nature photography group and for next month’s meeting the theme is black and white. As a general rule, I don’t take many pictures with the intent of turning them into black-and-whites, so it’s fun to practice. I’m also getting to try out the new camera bag the boy got me for my birthday and I really like it! Unfortunately, I forgot that we learned about needing a short shutter speed for a longer lens and over estimated the steadiness of my hands when taking the pictures of the geese. I loved the colors and the composition too much to get rid of them though, so you might be able to tell that I sharpened them using photoshop’s smart sharpen filter. From a distance, it looks great and I love that I could sort of salvage these pictures, but it also makes them a lot grainier. And that’s my week in photography happenings 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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