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Photography Friday

This week I read a really great photography book (review to come next week) and while it had tons of useful advice, what I got out of it the most was that I need to do more thinking before I take pictures. I often feel rushed when I’m shooting, sometimes because I’m with other people who are waiting but often simply because of the other things I feel I should be doing. That’s definitely not a good way to get pictures. To combat that tendency, in the future I want to try to set aside time explicitly for long photography sessions focusing on one scene. Since I’m lucky enough to live somewhere with many beautiful waterfalls, I think one of my starting places will be visiting a lot of them. This week I made it out to the Ludlowville falls, which you see above. The random fire picture of from the local Fire and Ice festival. My boyfriend has been experimenting with long exposure photography and was nice enough to help me take that one.


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