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Container Gardening in the 635’s

Finally, a book review! ¬†Just for those of you who are new and were beginning to believe I don’t actually do those ūüėõ ¬†In fact, today I have several short book reviews for you, as I spent last week slowly absorbing information from a variety of books on container gardening.

The book I started with was¬†Container Gardening for the Midwest, one of many books at my library which has caused me to be pleasantly surprised by the ability of even a small library to collect lots of region specific books. ¬†This book followed a layout typical of the books I read, starting with general information about container gardening. ¬†This included the benefits of different pot materials, different design elements (color pairing, shape, etc), how to plant your garden, and how to care for your garden. ¬†Following the general care section was a section on specific plants. ¬†Unfortunately, for gardening I think location north/south matters at least as much as what region of the US you’re in, so there was still some generality to this section. ¬†I don’t think it’s fair to blame the book for that though when the only way to improve that would be an even more specific focus. ¬†In fact, the plant specific section in this book was one of my favorites, because it had great pictures for every plant and I prefer to pick plants by appearance before determining whether or not I can really grow them. ¬†I think it was a good book to start with, since it didn’t provide overwhelming details, and the long, picture-filled plant section made it the book I used most to make a to-be-shortened list of plants I might like to include in my own balcony garden. Continue reading


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