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Doing Dewey’s Christmas Gift Ideas

If you have a book-ish friend and don’t know what to get them, this is the post for you! All of these books are books I gave 4 or 5 star reviews and the majority of them will make the list of Top 10 best books I’ve read this year. Hyperion, in particular, is one of my favorite books ever. So this it, the best of the best, and some recommendations for who to give them to… Continue reading


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Home for the Holidays

This weekend I finished the next two books in the Raine Benares series, which I started reviewing in my last post, and I’ve kind of been at loose ends ever since.  And by “at loose ends” I mean in danger of finishing the entire third season of Merlin in 2 or 3 days!  Hopefully the final two books in the series will come in at the library soon, although I think I may go get books for 005 and 006 today either way.  Either that or I’ll have to purloin some of the books my little brother got for Christmas…  In the meantime, I hope everyone is having a wonderful break or at least not having too difficult of a time getting back to work 🙂

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