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Shine On Award


Today I would like to give a very belated thank you to Deanna at The Book Lover’s Attic for thinking of me for the Shine On award. About a month ago, I was certain I would have this post up any day, but this month has been unusually busy and so here we are. As I recently received the WordPress Family award which allowed me to recognize some friendly wordpress bloggers, I’ll be using this award to recognize some non-wordpress bloggers who have also been incredible about making me feel welcome in the blogging community 🙂

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Versatile Blogger Award! Woo!


Last week I was in Austin for a plant pathology conference, and while some of it was amazing (great talks, meeting some professors I really admire) parts of it were less great (being the only one from lab was lonely and wow was the conference exhausting). So especially given how tired I was, it was just the nicest pick-me-up to check my blog and find out that kepagewriter had nominated me for the versatile blogger award 🙂 Below are the rules for those who receive the award, my 7 interesting things about me, and my 15 bloggers to whom I’m passing on the award. I’d love to write a lot about each of them, but since there are 15, I’ll just highlight a few of my favorite parts of each blog.

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Pages Unbound Interview

pages-unbound-avatar1Today I’m very excited to have an interview over at Pages Unbound! We talk about useful things, like the most interesting things I’ve learned while blogging, and fun things, like which character I’d want as a sibling and my favorite sport. You should stop by and check it out here.


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