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Photography Friday

About a year ago, my professor changed universities and this week we had all the lab members who stayed behind out to visit. It was incredibly busy and kind of stressful because we had to do ALL of the things while they were here, but it was also a lot of fun and very productive! It was fun to see people and great to bounce ideas of each other. In addition to catching up on everyone else’s research, we also spent some time doing fun things  like hiking (while unofficially brainstorming) which gave me a lot of great photo opportunities this week. The above pictures are taken at Treman Park and Grisamore Farms, where we went cherry picking.

Snapshot Saturday


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Iowa Bird Watching

As I mentioned in my Monday Musings, I’ve already started to have birds show up on my balcony!  In hopes of attracting more I’ve decided to prioritize getting a feeder up, although I don’t know if it will get much use until I have some plants out there to provide shelter for more cautious birds.  This week’s book, Iowa Bird Watching, was a great introductory resource for a beginning Iowa bird-watcher or for someone like me who is mostly hoping to watch birds from home.  The book includes lists of the best places to go birding and of the top ten must-see birds in Iowa.  In addition, there are beautiful pictures provided for the 100 most common birds in Iowa.  The sections I found most helpful were the bits on what to feed different birds and a list of bird-friendly plants. Continue reading


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