World War Z – A Bookish Movie Review

world-war-z-posterAs many of you could probably tell just from the trailers, the movie version of World War Z is nothing like the book. Instead of a series of interviews detailing the scientific, political, and social details of a zombie plague, this is an action-packed continuous narrative starring stay-at-home dad Brad Pitt. I was very pleased that the ethnic diversity of the original story made it into the movie. I was equally disappointed by the fact that we no longer got much of the big picture of how the world slowly reacted to the plague. Instead, Brad Pitt and his family are caught almost completely unawares by an attack of fast moving zombies that convert victims into zombies in seconds to minutes. In addition to turning almost immediately, zombies are also identifiable by their creepy white eyes. I think this eliminated a rather interesting complication from the book. Most of the changes, however, seemed like the right choice to me. Following one character throughout made me much more invested in the story and the solution to the zombie plague, while implausible, was also more clever than the brute force approach adopted in the book. Overall, this is not the book and I’m almost not sure they should have kept the name, but it was a great movie that was at least as good as the book, possibly better.


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6 responses to “World War Z – A Bookish Movie Review

  1. I want to read the book in 2014, and then watch the movie. I do realize how different they are, and expect to like the book better, but we will see. Enjoyed your posts on both.

  2. I watched this movie without reading the book because the latter didn’t really appeal to me as I am not into zombie books. Having said that, I really couldn’t say if this has been faithful to the book.

    Speaking of the movie alone, I think it’s one of the best films I’ve seen in 2013. I loved how Brad portrayed Gerry Lane’s character. And the thrill and the terror had me on the edge of my seat. At first, I thought it was just going to be a film adaptation of PVZ but obviously it wasn’t. While I hated the Warm Bodies film, it wasn’t the case with this one.

    Great review, Katie.

  3. I don’t think they should have kept the name at all. I haven’t seen the movie but i’ve heard about it endlessly because all my RL friends know my fav zombie book is World War Z. I don’t mind adaptations but this wasn’t an adaptation from what I’ve heard/seen/read reviews – it was a completely different story.

    • I think agree with you. The only reason I can see for keeping it is to give the book credit since there are a few ideas pulled directly from the book. However, I think putting “Inspired by World War Z” somewhere on it and giving it a new name would have been more appropriate. It was just so different!

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