Non-Fiction November: New to My TBR


This is the final discussion post for Non-Fiction November, an exciting event celebrating non-fiction hosted by Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness and Leslie at Regular Ruminations. Every Monday this month, a discussion question will be posted. Then each Friday there will be a link-up for discussion posts and non-fiction reviews, with each linky entry entered in a prize drawing at the end of the month! Today’s topic is…

New to My TBR: What nonfiction have you added to your toppling TBR pile this month? Be sure to credit which bloggers you heard about titles from (if you can remember)!

Here are the ones I can remember:

What exciting books have you added to your TBR lately?


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2 responses to “Non-Fiction November: New to My TBR

  1. I hope you love The Distraction Addiction. I thought it was wonderful. I’m excited about The Unwinding too, especially now that it won the National Book Award.

    • I’m really looking forward to reading The Distraction Addiction because I do most of my work at a computer and constantly fight the urge to wander. I think it could be very relevant and hopefully will have some tips that help me focus better. The Unwinding sounds like a great read and I know nearly nothing about recent history, so I’m excited to add it to my list too. Thanks for putting together such a fun event!

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