Soul Sisters

Interior of lounge bar in modern styleTitle: Soul Sisters
Author: Janiera Eldridge
Source: from publisher for review
Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Review Summary: The unique vampire mythology the author created was fascinating, but half of the book was spent getting ready for an anticlimactic final showdown that only took two pages.

Although Dana is human, as soul sister to vampire Ani she could potentially live forever. Unfortunately, Ani’s decision to kill a human who tries to hurt Dana causes the vampire leader Donovan to decide that the sisters are more trouble than they’re worth. Fortunately, the sisters have some powerful friends and if they manage defeat Donovan, Ani will be safe as the new vampire leader. But first, they have to survive…

This book has a lot of potential. The writing was occasionally stilted, perhaps because the words and sentence structure were reasonably simple, but the writing was certainly not bad and wouldn’t have distracted me from a really good story. At the beginning, I was completely engrossed in learning more about the unique vampire mythology the author created. It’s so fun to see a new take on an old legend, especially one in which vampires enjoy being vampires instead of being all angsty about it. At only 80 pages long, I was dreading running out of book!

Sadly, I ended up feeling very let down by the second half. In the last forty pages, nothing happens except the characters preparing for a massive, climactic showdown with Donovan. There’s training, and more training, and the book slowly started to drag. Eighty pages suddenly seemed like a lot to get through! If this had, in fact, lead to an epic showdown, I would have been ok with all the lead up. Instead, the bad guys basically just surrender and the anticlimactic ending takes only a few pages. I might read more be the author since she had some great ideas, but in this case I was disappointed with the execution.


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