Book to Movie Challenge Check-In

Hi all! We are officially at the halfway point in the Book to Movie challenge! Well, halfway through the year anyway. Personally, I’m a quarter of the way through my challenge, having read and reviewed Starship Troopers, Under the Tuscan Sun, and Jane Eyre. I haven’t loved any of them as much as some adaptations I saw last year, but hopefully things will pick up with my next book-to-movie read (I’m thinking The King’s Speech). Now, on to how everyone else is doing!

Our first review linked up this quarter was a review of To Kill A Mockingbird from Tracy at Bitter Tea and Mystery. Sergio at Tipping my Fedora is rocking this thing with 14 reviews done, mostly “mystery, crime, and suspense” to quote his byline. Tied for the next most reviews with 7 are Bettina at A Corner of the Library (recent reviews: Love in a Cold Climate and The Enchanted April) and Megan at Love, Literature, Art, and Reason (recent reviews: World War Z and John Carter). Finally, our most recent review is of Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close from Erin at Back To the Film.

Thanks so much for everyone’s participation so far! I’d love to hear how things are going for you in the comments 🙂


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10 responses to “Book to Movie Challenge Check-In

  1. I’ve just posted my sixth book/movie for the challenge so I achieved my goal of “Movie Devotee”. I expect more to come though, and it’s been a great challenge. I tend to read and watch normally any way, but it’s good to track and share it. Here’s my list. Have a great weekend!

  2. Am thoroughly enjoying this Katie – thanks for letting us play in your sandbox

  3. A bit late responding, but vacation and summer activities have been cutting into my reading and blogging time. However, I am really trying to stay on top of my reading challenges. For this one, I’ve completed 14 out of 20! So excited about my progress. Here’s my big page of challenges in case you want to see what I’ve read and watched.

    • I understand completely! I’m doing ok on reading but would like to be keeping with blogging quite a bit better. You seem very on top of things to me though, especially with the number of challenges you’re doing. Good luck with all of them 🙂

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