Photography Friday

Flowers! The two purple flowers are pictures I took while on campus this week and the pink one is from my trip to the sheep shearing last week. Lately I’ve really liked when I find a repetitive motif in nature, like the purple flowers, and I really wanted the other flowers in the background. Unfortunately, looking directly into the flower bed the only nice looking flowers were too tall and you could see out into the road behind them. Finally, I realized I could take a picture looking parallel to the front of the flower bed. I don’t always compose my pictures quite that deliberately, so I was excited to make that one work ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you usually compose your pictures instinctively based on what looks good as you shoot? Or are you more likely to have a particular shot in your head that you’re trying to replicate with the camera?

Snapshot Saturday


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10 responses to “Photography Friday

  1. Beautiful shots! I keep trying to improve my composition skills. I love working with flowers. At least when the day’s not windy, they sit still while I work out the best angle.

  2. What lovely delicate flowers! Very pretty.

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