Book Blogging Events

There are so many great book blogging events coming up, I simply can’t contain my excitement any longer 🙂 Here are the ones I know about. Please feel free to share any other community events you’re aware of in the comments and I’ll and them to the post.
Shirley You Jest Book Awards: May 20th – July 22nd

This book award event is a great opportunity for authors, since the prizes are all publicity based and includes things like blogger reviews. As you might guess from the title, the awards are for books that “deliver the funny” in both a fiction and non-fiction category. Entry requirements are listed here.

Armchair BEA: May 27th – June 2nd

This online event corresponds to the Book Expo America conference in NYC. It’s a way for bloggers who don’t make it to the actual event to get to know each other by sharing prompt-inspired posts; having twitter meet-up; and commenting on each others blogs. Also includes giveaways. Sign-ups are here.

Classics Retold Month: September

For Classics Retold Month, each participant signs up to read a classic and at least two adaptations. Up to four bloggers can work on one classics and bloggers who want to do more than one classic are encouraged to do guest posts. Classics are divided into five categories and sign-ups for each category are hosted by the following bloggers:

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