Perfect On Paper and Other Waverly Bryson Mini-Reviews

Over break I was mentally on vacation… and that was even before I had the flu! So some nice light reading was exactly what the doctor ordered and the delightful Waverly Bryson series by Maria Murnane did not disappoint. Sure, there were a few of the cliche problems with chick-lit – a little insta-love and a heroine with a slightly man-dependent ego – but overall Waverly was very relatable and a lot of fun. She was kind of like a Meg Cabot character for adults, although without the strange quirk each of Meg’s characters seem to have. She did however have the quality I like most about Meg’s characters – she seemed real and she seemed like someone I might be friends with.

Title: Perfect on Paper
Author: Maria Murnane
Source: library
Rating: ★★★☆☆

I would describe this book as like reality, but funnier. It’s like a humorous, slightly snarky friend telling you about her day. And it’s awesome. I really liked the the characters seemed believable, both our heroine Waverly and her best friends, because of both their reactions and the things that happen to them. Waverly deals with everything from guy trouble to a distant father to career decisions, and all in a way I could relate to. Initially, I found Waverly a little bit annoying, because she’s not very self-confident. But she really grows throughout the novel and I like that in a character. This is also where the instant love interest happens, but in this book it was really just an instant crush, which isn’t so unbelievable after all. Overall, a solid opening to the series which got me firmly in like with Waverly.

Title: It’s a Waverly Life
Author: Maria Murnane
Source: contest on Girls Just Reading
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Oh no! It’s a Waverly Life started with Waverly solidly back at square one in terms of personal growth and self-confidence. I was pretty disappointed in our heroine, as her insecurities directly caused nearly all the challenges she faces in this book. However, she pulled herself together faster than in the first book and she does eventually deal with the challenges she’s facing head on. It’s a believable segue to her becoming permanently more confident as she deals with all her demons. By the end of the book, I liked her again. I was even pretty impressed with her. And I loved that the author made me care about Waverly and root for her the whole way through.

Title: Honey On Your Mind
Author: Maria Murnane
Source: contest on Girls Just Reading
Rating: ★★★★☆

Honey On Your Mind is the most recent book in the Waverly Bryson series and by far my favorite. This was actually the worst for the insta-love problem, since Waverly interacts very little with her love interest in the previous two books but is still desperately concerned about her relationship with him. More importantly to me though, she acts very confidently in making career moves and dealing with relationship issues throughout the whole book. I love having a confident heroine. And she’s still her hilarious, relatable self through it all. Really – adult women needed a Meg Cabot type character: someone we can relate to, who we wish we were friends with, and who faces the same issues we face, from careers to relationships. Waverly Bryson is all of those things, so I will definitely be looking for more in Maria Murnane’s next book, Chocolate for Two.

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