Blood and Chocolate – A Bookish Movie Review

This movie is a perfect example of one of the worst things that can be done when a book is turned into a movie. Basically, the only things that made it from the book to the movie are the title, the characters, and some of the initial set-up for the story. Major plot points were changed, such as the setting of the book in Romania instead of the US with Vivian not attending high school. Although the book isn’t purely high school drama, this was a large component of the book totally missing from the movie. Most importantly, the ending and Vivian’s character were both very different. Instead of a sensual being pursuing the boy she likes, she’s very nervous about starting a relationship with him. For me, that completely changed the feel of her character. And of course, changing the ending completely changed the point of the book. The casting of the characters and the beautiful Romanian scenery were really the only things it had going for it. It was ok as a movie, but it didn’t have anywhere near the impact it could have had if it had just stuck to the book.


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  1. They have a movie? OK- I need to see this,

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