2013 Challenge Round-Up

It’s that time folks! I’m debating what challenges to join while desperately trying to avoid joining too many. They just all sound so fun! To help in the decision making process, I’m including a list of challenges I’ve found here.

  • 50 States – an ambitious challenge where you read a book set in each state
  • Audio Book – just what it sounds like (pun intended)
  • Book to Movie – an awesome and incredible challenge where you read books and their cooresponding movies (disclaimer – this one is awesome because it’s hosted here)
  • Color Coded – read nine books with specific colors in the titles
  • Debut Author – because we all love to support new authors
  • Dystopia – to get you reading all the dystopia novels from this year
  • Eclectic Reader – one of the great genre challenges I joined this year
  • Fairy Tales Retold – I love re-tellings and there have been lots of good ones lately that you can read for this challenge
  • Genre Variety – another challenge to help you spice up your reading
  • Historical Fiction –  I’d highly recommend this with a non-fiction challenge, as I’ve started to really love reading both fiction and non-fiction from a particular era
  • Just For Fun – a challenge to encourage those of us who read to blog to remember to read just for fun…and for this challenge
  • Keyword – read a book each month that contains at least one of that months 10 keywords in the title
  • Men In Uniform – Oh la la… read books about those sexy men in uniform
  • Mount TBR – for all of us trying to clean up our To-Be-Read piles
  • Vintage Mysteries – pre-1960 mystery reading
  • What’s in a Name – read books with certain words in the title

Finally, in my search for reading challenges, I discovered A Novel Challenges blog. This incredibly useful blog has a significantly more comprehensive list of challenges then I have here, so if you’re still looking for more, that’s the site for you.


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11 responses to “2013 Challenge Round-Up

  1. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    I hope you choose to join The Eclectic Reader Challenge again for 2013 – it’s tougher but hopefully will be rewarding!

  2. lyndamk

    I think I’m going to try the Mount TBR and Historical Fiction. My TBRs are mostly historical fiction anyway at this point! Thanks for the great list!

  3. abookdragon

    FYI: Sub-Genre Reading Challenge

    I love A Novel Challenge 😉

  4. I’m definitely going to follow some of these!

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