Photography Friday

As promised, here is this week’s Photography Friday, complete with adorable goats and beautiful horses. The blog may not be running with German precision (which, Top Gear informs me, is the best sort of precision) while I adjust to spending hours on homework again, but everything will still get done 🙂 In the mean time, let’s remember better days, just two weeks ago, when instead of spending my weekend programming, I spent it visiting the Lively Run Goat Dairy open house.

There was a cheese tasting, including their plain chevre and a couple of blue cheeses, as well as a tour of the goat barn where the dairy goat in the picture seemed confused about the edibility of my fingers! I also got to pet the horse in the picture, although he had such a knack for running away as soon as my camera was out, that I had to use my zoom lens to get the picture above. Although we didn’t get to see cheese being made, I had a good time and can’t wait for the next time local dairies have an open house day.

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